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The Origis Approach to Siting

Project sites are carefully and thoughtfully chosen, located near existing energy infrastructure and where they can best benefit the electric grid.

We take into consideration the area’s solar resources, consider potential local environmental and cultural impacts, knowing we must find landowners who are willing to sell or lease their land for the life of the project.

The new proposed project location follows all guidelines from the community agreement with neighboring Archer residents.


Through careful planning and site engineering SOLAR FACILITIES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS.


Thank you to the residents of Archer that worked in good faith to find a mutually agreeable solution. We were proud to announce that an agreement was made that respects the community and allows for a new site to be identified in Alachua County.


Solar Resources

In Florida, 237 days of sunshine each year provides a powerful source of sunlight for solar farms throughout the state to diversify energy options, increase the reliability of the energy grid and lower overall energy costs.



Gainesville has committed to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045


Energy Infrastructure

The project features access to a nearby substation, which lowers the cost of the energy produced by the facility and allows the project to serve customers throughout the region.


Environmental Evaluation

During the siting of a project, careful consideration is given to all environmental resources like wetlands, protected species, and habitat.


Cultural Evaluation

Culturally sensitive areas or places of historic significance are identified through research and community engagement and are carefully considered in the siting process.


Property Owners

Talk with local landowners to identify individuals interested in leasing their property.

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