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Solar projects are drivers of economic development. They don't require any county resources, yet they PRODUCE A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF TAX REVENUE. Likewise, land payments can provide an additional source of revenue for local landowners.

The project also CREATES JOBS AND GENERATES SUBSTANTIAL ECONOMIC ACTIVITY in the project area. Of course, as a community uses energy, they have an interest in ensuring it is PRODUCED AFFORDABLY AND CLEANLY.


Project sites are carefully chosen and located near existing energy infrastructure where they can best benefit the electric grid.

Protecting Natural Beauty
Low to the Ground & Screened by Trees

The average height of a solar panel is less than 10 feet. With increased buffers and screening with mature vegetation, the project will have minimal visual impacts.


Similar to the Noise of a
Babbling Brook 

Solar farms are quiet neighbors. At the fence line, the sound from the onsite inverters is a minor hum – equivalent to the sound of a brook. Further beyond the fence line, no noise can be heard.


No Impacts to
Property Values

The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers' recent article supports the conclusion that solar in rural communities has no impact or in some cases has positive impacts on values.


Land Can Be Restored

Decommissioning will return the property to its original state at the end of the project's useful life.

Community Benefits
Significant Benefits for the Alachua Community

The Sand Bluff Solar Project will provide more than $1 million in county tax revenue over 10 years, and local businesses will also benefit from local spending during construction and operation.

Local Industry
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